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Take Your Business Mobile

Modern technology has given businesses more options than ever, and that allows businesses to be in more places. Not just online, either – on the road, out of a home, even in the aisle of your store rather than simply behind the counter.

But this has led to a new wave of customer expectations. Increasingly, customers want you available to them at all times, and they want you to come to them. It’s led not only to more e-commerce and delivery, it’s led to businesses of all stripes going on the road. It goes beyond traditional retailers like clothing stores or boutiques—now, businesses from restaurants to pharmacies to breweries are going on the road with pop-up shops, mobile stores, delivery and more.

Why is it easier now more than ever before? Because of advanced point-of-sale technology.



Why Businesses Are Going Mobile

In the former, traditional model, you bought some real estate, you set up a storefront, you put up your sign, and you waited for customers to come in. But that doesn’t work as well anymore, and it goes beyond just adding an online store.

Today’s customers often expect you to seek them out, whether that’s arriving at their door with face-to-face delivery or discovering them with pop-up shops and food trucks. And to do that, you need to be ready to accept all payment types when the opportunity arrives, by using the latest technology in the form of modern point-of-sale systems.


The Power of the Point-of-Sale

Many business owners who haven’t experienced the power of today’s point-of-sale (POS) systems think of them as little more than fancy cash drawers or card terminals. But this advanced technology actually helps you run your business in a variety of different ways, and one of those ways is by simplifying the process of going on the road.

After all, going on the road is a complex task. Today’s customers use cards and mobile wallets more than ever, so you need to not only be able to take a variety of payments on the road, you need to be able to do it quickly, take tips, store that data, and integrate it with your in-store payments for record-keeping purposes.

Today’s POS systems make that complex task simple.

How To Get Moving

Small, mobile point-of-sale systems can fit in the palm of your hand, whether in a form that plugs into a smartphone or a dedicated, stand-alone handheld device. These possess massive power in terms of record-keeping, inventory, employee management, and more, but they’re hardly the large, cumbersome POS systems many people expect when they think of the term.

The best modern POS solutions, too, have intuitive user interfaces that work in the same way across a variety of form-factors – your employees who know the in-store POS system will have no trouble learning a mobile version. It saves training time in the beginning, and it makes it easy to send them on the road with confidence.

An Endless Number of New Uses

Modern point-of-sale systems offer a simple way to take on countless new use cases for your business, no matter what industry you’re in: 

  • Pharmacies can start delivering prescriptions and taking card payments and signatures on arrival
  • Restaurants can go on the road with a food truck or simple delivery
  • Retailers can quickly set-up remote pop-up shops at festivals or expos without having to worry about payment acceptance
  • For stores of all kinds, line-busting and in-aisle sales become simple, and clerks can get out from behind the counter to engage customers and sell faster – like paying outside at an outdoor café or at a hair salon right at a chair.

In all of these scenarios, the POS not only makes the crucial task of taking payments easy, it makes managing your business more efficient, giving you time back to focus on other priorities – not only your customers, but your family and your life outside of business, too.

So if you’re still wondering how you can expand your business in the new year, look into a new POS that can help you go new places – easily.  Be more efficient and make smarter decisions for your business.

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Small Business Reports   (415) 878-6276
educational information resource


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