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Are all three areas of your business finance aligned for efficient growth?

Business Funding
Customer Payments
Customer Financing

It's a three-cylinder finance motor that drives growth.

Some businesses increase revenue 30% without spending money.


How many reps does it take for all your business finance? 
How well do they know your business?
Do they work together toward your objectives?

The best finance sources today have the best finance tech.
New industry leaders eliminate resellers after several multi-billion dollar mergers.


Business Funding

Do you have quick easy access to responsible capital for expansion, operations, and refinancing?   --and for emergencies and opportunities? 

Many businesses will fail because they do not have access to credit when needed.

You local banker may not be helpful the next time you need funding because banks continue to retreat from local communities by closing branches and promoting online banking instead. 

Banks have said small business loans under a million dollars are not profitable.   

They don't want them.

They would rather give you a business credit card.


Customer Payments

The #1 and #2 payments processors eliminate resellers and serve small businesses directly with superior security, service, and point-of-sale tools.  Their names are not familiar to most business owners because of several multi-billion dollar mergers in 2019.

If you have been with your card payments processor for over a year, you would be wise to find out if they are a reseller. If they are, there may be something much better.  They may say or believe that they are a direct processor, but there are only a few direct payments processors, and all the others are resellers.  In the past, a business was required to work with a reseller. That's how it always worked.  Not anymore.

Resellers cannot keep up with fast developing finance tech for security, while the costs of fraud or theft can be devastating for a small business when their customer data is stolen. The biggest cost is often lost business which can be long lasting.

Customer payments is now integrated into easy reliable point-of-sale tools for inventory management, pricing and discount controls, sales tax reports, and employee management scheduling -- with a robust digital office and powerful reporting for better decision-making -- that until now were available only to large enterprises.     


Customer Financing

When customers are offered credit, they spend more. Every study shows that.

When customers are at their credit card limit, they need easy point-of-sale customer financing.

The old type of customer financing for small businesses generated excessive declines and was cumbersome to use.  Many businesses quit offering customer financing.

Point-of-sale customer financing is one of the areas benefitng most from the new finance tech. 


How do you align business lending, customer payments, and customer financing so they work together efficiently and consistently to increase revenue, eliminate costs, compete more effectively - and free up time?

It comes down to having the best finance sources.

The best sources have the best finance tech.

We predict a new business category emerging: the business finance agency with expertise and trusted sources in all three areas of finance - business funding, customer payments, and customer financing.

--the editors



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