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Business owners free up hours and run more efficiently
with powerful integrated point-of-sale tools and robust digital office

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Run your business better. Easier. Smarter.


Robust digital office from any browser anywhere anytime

New point-of-sale tools include innovative, full-service payment solutions
with the infrastructure and experience to bring the most t
o your business.



Run your business better. Easier.



Point of sale business tools improve efficiency and maximize profitability

Inventory Management     

Import / Export Inventory Catalog




Category / Subcategory / Groups

Item Availability and Pricing By Store (set price, cost, availability per item)

Top Selling Items Reporting

Physical Count / Receiving Inventory Imports

Item and Inventory Alerts

Quantity Tracking

Cross Store Inventory Lookup


Pricing & Discounts   

Manual Discounts - Create at time of use




Profit Margin Reporting

Item Level Discounts

Order Level Discounts

Item Modifiers

Price by Location


Taxes and Tax Reporting

Multiple Tax Rates by Item




Tax Reports

Multi-Store Taxes

Tax Exempt Sales Report

Tax Exempt Orders


Customer Payments

Accepts Signature Credit and Debit Cards




Cash Payment Tracking

Multi-Tender Payments

Cashier or In-Line Tipping

Full Order Refunds

Sales Reports

Shift and Batch Reports

Split Payment

Split Orders By Items

Restaurant Tipping with Tip Adjust

Partial Refunds By Item

Cash Drawer Management

Employee Management          

PIN Login for Employee




Multi-User Access

User Access / Restriction by Location

Configurable User Roles and Permissions

Employee Clock In and Out

Time Clock Reports

View and Manage Recorded Shifts

Print / Email Timecards & Timesheets

Role Based Hours/Wages Per User

Custom Pay Periods

Overtime Management and Wage Calculation




Powerful Digital Back Office - cloud platform

New Point-of-Sale tools - with a powerful office from any browser - provide
robust sales management, analytics, and insights for smarter decisions - at low cost.


Here are just a few of the useful features:


     New point-of-sale tools and reports with real-time data help you maximize sales, stay in stock and on top of your business. Now you can take the work (and guesswork) out of time-consuming tasks like "weekly specials", "low stock" alerts, and "check ID" prompts.

      New point-of-sale tools are cloud-based with a powerful office from any browser which provides an easy, single administrative access point across all point of sale tools, requires less maintenance, and is easy to learn and use. You'll get extraordinary functionality — including a level of business management support such as inventory management, time and employee management, and reporting previously only available to considerably larger companies.

      You can configure your set up with multiple points of sale to meet your needs — whether you want multiple checkout options in your location or have multiple locations you want to manage all from one easy-to-use back office.

     New point-of-sale tools are ideal for businesses that are busier and bigger than those that might opt for using their personal mobile device and often still use a cash register and a 10-key keypad. New point-of-sale tools offer more item control and reporting than traditional payment terminals or cash registers.

     New point-of-sale tools provide better insights about payments and business operations than competitive payment offerings. Evaluate how employees are performing, which days are the busiest and may require more coverage, which items in inventory are selling and which aren't, and more.  With new point-of-sale tools you gain a much clearer understanding of the dynamics of your business.

    Powerful and easy to use, new point-of-sale tools help you understand employee performance, business cycles, and inventory turn so you can make smarter decisions.

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